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We are a Multicultural Entertainment Company!

Fillmore Digital acknowledges the value of the Multicultural Millennial with our dedicated premium sites we create exclusive original content with a distinctive editorial voice.

We celebrate the diversity of the multicultural marketplace represented by our digital publications covering content verticals ranging from Business, Entertainment, Sports, Fashion and Celebrity News. As a result, Fillmore Digital’s audience spans many demographics and various areas of interest.



Our Brands

Premium Digital Online Brands

Our premium online brands capture the pulse of diverse segments of influential millennials and provide rich, compelling experiences across multiple media channels including online video, mobile, and social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • ModernLatinos.Com


  • CelebLatino.Com


  • LatinoAthlete.Com


  • The Network Journal

    The Network Journal

  • TrulyHer.com


  • 4UMF.Com


  • GeekMinus.com


  • FashionStilo.com


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Fillmore Digital acknowledges the value of the Multicultural Millennial


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Display Advertising


With an ever expanding network of sites, we maximize performance by incorporating specific targeting based on your needs such as behavioral, contextual, re-targeting and pre-targeting.

Video Advertising


Our video network brings active users and relevant content together at the right time. Utilizing Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, Post-Roll, In-Banner, Mobile and Tablet ad units strengthens visibility and perception of your brand, product and message.

Mobile Advertising


Consumers are viewing advertising more on their mobile devices than ever before. Our mission is to utilize unique targeting methods on all operating systems to create a full multi-platform effect.



Creative without strategy is called ‘art’. Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising’.

Jef I. Richards



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Staff Openings


We do not have any available paid staff positions currently open at this time.

Freelance Openings


We are currently recruiting some beginner level freelance blogger positions for Fillmore Digital’s Premium sites for entertainment news, celebrity gossip, fashion, food and sports. These freelance writer openings are based entirely on earnings directly from traffic revenue from their published content. Thus, we suggest these positions primarily for those who are just starting out, looking to build creditsor just enjoy writing about entertainment for the fun of it. While a prolific, engaging writer with experience in (or willingness to learn SEO and socialmarketing) can earn a decent rate, there is no guaranteed rate for this work.
If you should be interested in this type of freelancing, please contact contentprovider at fillmoredigital.com and mention you are interested in the freelance openings specified on the ‘Write for Us’ page.


Please Note:

  • We do not accept unsolicited submissions of pre-written posts or articles of any kind.

  • We are not interested in one time “guest” submissions, especially when they come attached to advertising links or are purely to improve your site’s ranking by having us link to it. Fillmore Digital LLC does not accept advertorial content for any reason. No, you can’t pay us to print it either.

  • All content published for Fillmore Digital LLC must be original, created by the author who submits it and cannot be republished elsewhere within 30 days. No syndicated or republished materials are accepted.



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